Monday, June 18, 2012

Shoes, Sweat and Rainbows

I'm nervous.  I signed up for my first 5k this past week.  What was I thinking?  I was thinking that it looked like tons of fun!  The Color Run.  What better way to reach a goal than to run headlong into a rainbow?!  I've always wanted to run in a 5k, but I've never had the juice to do it.  Do I have it now? 
Not yet, but I'm closer to it than I ever have been in my life.  I dream about running.  And I don't mean those dreams where someone is chasing me, I mean the ones where I actually feel like I am light and capable.  I have good shoes in those dreams too!
Right now I sport New Balance 1012s.  They're not flashy, they're stable.  I need stable.  When God was handing out the good feet genes, I was probably sitting cross-legged (because my feet hurt) wondering when lunch would be served.  So, flat feet it is.  I overpronate.  I feel kinda cool knowing that word, what it means and how to tell that that's what I do.  I like my 1012s, but I am now so bored with them that I re-laced them with neon pink laces.  And even though they weren't cheap, I have turned them into the poor man's Nike's.  Note the uber trendy insoles.

I also never realized the importance of socks.  I always buy the bag of sport socks that comes with at least six pairs.  I have been haten' on my feet for years, apparently!  To credit New Balance, they have a very plush sock that I am now in love with, so much that I'm making my Hanes bag socks jealous.

Now, I know I'm not supposed to do this.  I'm not supposed to compare myself to others at the gym. But I'm human.  And a girl.  And so I am comparing.  I jogged a solid three minutes on the treadmill today, which paled in comparison to the girl two treadmills down from me.  She probably ran 25 minutes.  She was a rock star.  A rock star in fun shoes.  And she sweated.  I sweat too, but I never get that "sweat showing through my gray t-shirt" look that seems so impressive on others.  Like they did it just a little harder than I did.  I'm working up to that kind of sweat.  Can I actually make that a goal?  To sweat through my gray t-shirt?

In the end, I will probably have to get new shoes before the October 5k.  I hope I can find some that are fun. And flashy.  And stable (of course).  And that go with my neon pink laces.  Or maybe these dull NBs will last until I run headlong into a rainbow... That would be flashy!

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