Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Go West, Young Woman

I'm hunting for a new apartment in my (relatively) new city.  Turns out, the place I moved into back in January... not such a nice neighborhood.  I blame winter.  Snow on the ground, nobody out and about, the community's true character hidden under a frozen blanket.  Snow hides an exorbitant amount of ugly.

See?  Kind of pretty on a cold winter night!

But ever since the first warm day, children have been running wild in the street, gunshots almost every night, I don't feel safe anymore.  Even some of the tenants in my building seem to have drama in spades!  HIGH drama.  Yelling in the halls... crying about what I can only assume was an intruder from the bits and pieces I picked up listening at my door.  Not to mention the nightly dance party on the other side of my living room wall, and the plumbing problems that require attention every couple of months.

So the hunt for new digs begins.

I've narrowed my search down to "west".  Local lore would have me believe "west is best"... and I tend to do most of my living in that direction, so that's where I'm headed.  I'll be breaking my lease, but that's a price I'm willing (though not excited) to pay.  Peace is pricey.  One month's rent to be exact.  Moving is not something I look forward to doing, though I'm thankful to be in a position to pay someone else to do the heavy lifting.  No more "I can pay you in pizza and beer."

I'm also thankful for my old lady cart.  I picked one up when I first moved here.  It's a life-saver, a god-send on four wheels.  Never have I been more grateful to have a rolling companion to help carry the groceries from my car, parked a quarter-mile from my front door (another "perk" of living in my current abode).

The plan is to get up early and tour some 2BRs before work.  Wish me luck on this latest 30 something adventure here on the North Coast!

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