Thursday, September 1, 2011

How can you say no to a babbling brook?

So the apartment hunt is not going as well as I'd hoped.  I am shocked at the number of apartments that haven't been updated in nearly 20 years.  I'm even more shocked that I just made that statement!  20 years ago, I was starting high school, begging my parents for an answering machine (all because I missed a phone call from Alex, my first boyfriend), and trying not to break out.  All of which were crucial to satisfying teenage angst.  Did it work?  Meh, I'm okay now, I think.  Although I can't find Alex on Facebook.  Annoying.

Back to the hunt:  I found one place I really love, with a price tag I really hate.  It's in the area of town I want to be in, but is leaps and bounds away from the amount I want to pay.  Secretly, I'm having an internal budget battle and trying to talk myself into this place.  My checkbook will likely win out.  The backup plan isn't too bad... just not as modern.  Plan A has a babbling brook, for crying out loud!

Yeah.  Top that!
I'm sure my neighbors would agree... the ones who are currently moving out at almost 2am.  Yeah, that's not shady or anything.

I made another CLE food discovery this evening:  Guy's Pizza, home of the Guyzone.  I'm not ready to call it fabulous, but it was a nice change when it comes to desktop dining (I break bread nightly in front of my computer at work).  It was even nicer when I got home tonight and snacked on the rest of it.  Amazingly, that Guyzone will turn into three meals for me!  Go Guys!

At the end of this 30 something day, I have one solid piece of advice:  don't listen to the chick at the McDonald's window when she says "straw's in the bag."  Always check.  Lesson learned.  (really it's a harsh reminder, but I don't want to out myself as a french fry junkie.  oh wait...)

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