Sunday, August 28, 2011

My own welcome

Well here I am, late to the party.  But I made it... and since I have no followers as of yet, I'm taking it upon myself to welcome myself to the blogging world.  I suppose I could write about the usual, i.e. I feel a little silly... who will actually read this... do I even have anything to say?  I'll make myself a deal:  I won't harp on those things if good ole' here will remind me how much I actually enjoy writing about things besides blood and corruption on the television.

I am a news girl.  Besides emails and letters, I haven't picked up a pen to write anything that makes me feel good in years... not even a journal.  I'm feeling a little bad about that, considering what I love to do is write.
I remember the first time "writing" actually made sense to me in a cathartic way.  Seventh grade.  Mrs. Kleine.  She was one of those educators who inspired great work.  I wasn't one of the cool kids, but in her class I even found common ground with the popular girls.  Mrs. Kleine made sure of it.  She taught the first creative writing class I ever took, and taught me that writing isn't a chore, it's a gift.

I promise my blogs won't be a constant look back, but a look around.  I really am just trying to figure things out for myself.  2011 is a big year for me!  Brand new city... new job as a first-time manager (I could sidebar an entirely different blog about those adventures)... even a new way of finding out who my real friends are.

So stay tuned for my scrappy attempts at greatness!

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