Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Luke's For A Day

Netflix, you're a genius.

There are not many ways to get hundreds of people to stand in line for hours, in the rain, for a free cup of joe, but you pulled it off!

Turning 200 coffee shops around the country into Luke's for a day is just about one of the most brilliant birthday ideas ever! Sixteen years ago today, Gilmore Girls premiered and a fan base of solid gold, true blue GG devotees was born. We swooned when Dean gave Rory the birthday bracelet. We had some serious angst over brooding Jess. We fell into a love/hate relationship with Emily. And we wished Lorelei was our mother/best friend.

But maybe more than anything, we wanted a Luke's Diner in our town, with all of its warm, eclectic, kitschy, cell phone-free, former-hardware-store small town charm.

And we needed Luke Danes to come with it.

Today, City & State in Memphis turned into Luke's for a day, serving up what is, for my money, some pretty great coffee.

Netflix provided the swag and ponied up for a few hundred free cups of coffee for a standing room only crowd. And as was said, "I don't care about paying for the coffee, I just want to drink it at Luke's."

And Luke's did not disappoint! The people were friendly, the coffee hot and strong, the atmosphere festive! My friends and I stood in line patiently and decided which Gilmore Girls characters we were, like ten-year-olds. Menus adorned the tables, transformed into a little something special.

One of the best parts... there was a troubadour (who doubled as a barista)!

I loved everything about this little experience! The only thing missing from this satellite Luke's location was a surly proprietor with a heart of gold. But no worries! As we were leaving, our hosts made sure we knew that Doose's Market was nearby in case we needed groceries or a stern lecture from Taylor on the history of Stars Hollow.

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