Friday, October 7, 2016

Keeping Things Casual (dot com)

This afternoon I'm celebrating my very first domain! Seems like a totally nerdy thing to do, celebrate that is, so I'm all about it!

Ladies and gentlemen, take a gander at the URL for this page... because together, you and I are keeping things casual (dot com)!

I'm still living life in jeans, but because I didn't act fast enough, went off the market. Who would do such a thing, you ask? Under the category of things I can't make up, is a website "for lesbians living with divorce".

STOP RIGHT THERE! You can surf over to that site once we're done here!

Listen... we're still keeping things casual in our denim in my world! And now that I've finally committed to a web address (see what I did there?) I just can't stop refreshing!

So if you like what you see and you want to keep things casual too, follow me via email and every time I have an amazing thought that needs to be put to paper, you'll get it in your inbox! Yes, me, at least a few times a week, delivered right to your desk (or smartphone, or wherever you log in)! The link is at the bottom of my home page.

Not interested in email? Not a problem! Just save me to your favorites and you won't have to look too far when you're busy and need a break and think, boy I sure wonder what Meg is up to!

Oh, and feel free to share this with all of your friends!


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