Saturday, April 6, 2019

A Promise To Jimmy

Jimmy Ogle
I took a guided tour of Elmwood Cemetery today. I've blogged about out twice before: the history there and how I find it to be a relaxing hidden gem in Memphis.

Tours are offered regularly, but today was special. Renowned Memphis historian Jimmy Ogle led the tour, rattling off a who's who of the interred, served up with slices of Bluff City history told as only he can tell it.

Early on in the tour, Jimmy made us all take a vow that I thought was incredibly fitting during my year of finding better ways to spend my time. He made us all raise our right hands and promise to take a staycation in Memphis, becoming tourists in our own town.

We all took the pledge through giggles and a few murmurs about what we have and have not yet done, toeing the ground.

The whole thing got me thinking: there are so many things I haven't done right here in Memphis. I've run my toes through the shag carpeting in the Jungle Room at Graceland, toured the National Civil Rights Museum, floated down Beale Street, seen priceless works of art at The Brooks Museum, smelled the flowers at Memphis Botanic Garden AND The Dixon, even walked the longest public pedestrian bridge across the Mississippi River. But there are countless other opportunities to take advantage of! Museums, historic homes, food, festivals... the list is endless.

As it is, I'm having a hard time figuring out where to spend my April getaway. I have a trip to Mammoth Cave National Park all mapped out, but I just need one day off work to make it happen, and sadly I can't make that happen.

I have no plans to scale back my regional road tripping this year, but I think I can certainly carve out a little more time to explore my city, too.