Monday, October 3, 2016

So Many Colors!

Saturday Funday out with friends included a stop on Chelsea Avenue for Soul Food 5, a one-day paint-your-heart-out for local and national graffiti artists put on by Paint Memphis. One of the artists we chatted with was from Kentucky. He called this a "jam" and said this sort of thing goes on in cities across the country. Cool!

The theme this year: Revival

We started on the back side of the wall (not facing Chelsea Ave.) and strolled through what was basically recently-mowed hay. Not fun in flip flops.

It was interesting to watch the artists create in the space they were given. 
Paint. Step back. Paint.
Everyone started with a blank canvas. Each portion of the cement flood wall was numbered, likely by the Army Corps of Engineers, providers of this massive concrete protector against the Wolf River. Dozens of artists left their mark on 140 panels stretching .3 miles along what could someday be the Chelsea Greenline.

The end result: the largest collaborative mural in Memphis!

Bag of nozzles

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