Saturday, September 17, 2016

Feminism, Stripes and some seriously purple Sauconys

It's been a decent week getting back on the path to wellness.

Okay, that kind of sounded like something you'd hear in an ad for Silver Sneakers, but whatever. It's true. I'm trying to think of my recently reintroduced regimen as a bigger picture of wellness. It's not just about buttoning my jeans or burning away that stubborn belly fat. It's about mind, body and spirit.

Writer goals!

So for the the mind and spirit, you've already read all my gushing about getting to hear Gloria Steinem speak. In my zeal, I ran to Barnes & Noble yesterday to pick up her latest book, My Life on the Road. I had to ask for help finding it and was only mildly annoyed that the woman who helped me had no idea who I was talking about. No matter. We found it together. I also ended up with another book that I cannot put down: Roxane Gay's Bad Feminist. I swear I didn't go out looking only for feminist literature, but I opened Gay's book to peruse and landed on a reference to Sweet Valley High. Sold! I love how she tells stories, chooses her words, and speaks right to the things that I also feel but can't always articulate.

New Saucony Guide 9's in Go Fast Grape

And speaking of sneakers, I was on the hunt for some new trainers so I visited my new friends at Fleet Feet Memphis. I had tried on some crazy purple Sauconys a week earlier. I didn't buy them, but for a solid week the color grew on me in my head, so back to the store I went! I have been a Brooks girl for years, but these might be the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn! Here are the specs for someone like me: a moderate over-pronator in need of some stability.

And yes, those are some seriously pasty legs. I know.

And now for some inspiration from the closet:

In love with the yellow cuff on the navy stripes

I bought this shirt a couple of years ago from The Wandering Wardrobe. It's like a food truck for fashion and I couldn't get enough of it! This Mon Ami shirt is so soft and comfortable. I love how the sleeves are extra long and fitted, with the pop of bright yellow at the cuff. Trouble is, it's a little too fitted today, so up on the coat hanger of inspiration it goes! This will be perfect when the weather gets cooler in Memphis. For all my Cleveland friends, that could happen sometime in late November, which gives me plenty of time to put in the work.

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