Monday, August 15, 2016

That's so Memphis

Memphis is a city with ridiculous amounts of character.  If you were to take a driving tour of the Bluff City, you would notice distinct differences between each and every community.

Binghampton 2016

Historic Beale Street, Midtown, Binghampton, Frayser, Whitehaven, and countless others. Each pocket has it's own vibe. The people who live there all have their own hopes, dreams, fears and concerns, whether that's preserving the past or navigating toward a more peaceful future.
I Am A Man mural on South Main 2016
Artist: Marcellous Lovelace
The one thing everyone has in common is a love for Memphis. Say something dirty about our city? It's only okay if WE say it. That said, the language seems to be shifting toward a more prideful verbiage.

And all the displays of Bluff City love! I spent some time in Binghampton and on South Main Street recently, taking my new Nikon D5300 out for a spin. It started as a mission to get pics of all of the I Love Memphis murals and turned into something else. As you know from my birdie pics, I'm no pro at photography, but I had such a good time capturing pictures of the murals, art installations and more!

That's So Memphis

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