Monday, May 9, 2016

Balcony birding

When I walked into the Wild Birds Unlimited store at Poplar and Mendenhall in Memphis, I felt so comfortable. The usual sounds of nature were playing on a recording low in the background. All the usual pole systems, seed bags, suet cakes and cylinders were there for the choosing.

I asked the woman behind the counter to help me brainstorm, as I no longer have a yard or anywhere to hang a feeder. She helped me come up with a few solutions for balcony birding!

One idea for anyone who's stuck with no actual patch of grass is a deep flower pot that will hold a hummingbird feeder pole steady. Just add dirt and the hummer's favorite blooms to lure them onto your balcony.

I have pretty bulky railing, so a pole held in place with some zip ties is my next trick for bringing in the birdies. I haven't personally tried it yet, but I'll keep you posted.

My favorite thing so far, though, is the giant hook that holds stackable seed cakes. It fits nicely over the rail and the birds don't seem to mind that their access to the nuts and seeds is a little bit limited.

It can take time for the birds to find the feeder, decide it's safe, and return day after day. It has taken a few weeks, but finally, I have a few chickadees (they're usually pretty brave) and one tufted titmouse who are all enjoying those stackables!

I'm hoping they go tell all their friends!

Until then, enjoy more photos from my suburban balcony, and all my favorites from my time in the Midwest!

Backyard Birds

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