Monday, February 29, 2016

My last week in the CLE

This is my last week in Cleveland before moving into the next chapter of my life. Time slowed to a crawl for six long weeks after losing my job. Since being hired in Memphis, time has sped up so much that I can't keep up without making a daily "to do" list.

While I was adding to that list today, I found my mind drifting to all the things I've done here in northeast Ohio. They're things I'm proud of, things that changed my life, and things that led me to this fork in the road.

So I made a separate list of things I did in CLE:

  • Adopted Lucy

  • Shoveled my first driveway

  • Lived in a high school
  • Made life-long friendships

  • Met a few celebrities!
  • Got nominated for two Emmys
  • Saw "full color" in the fall

  • Picnicked in the display of an 80-degree greenhouse in the dead of winter
  • Ran my first 5k

  • Took my first trip to Canada
  • Got wet in the mist off Niagara Falls
  • Drank my first Christmas Ale

  • Cheered at my first live NFL game (in sub-freezing temperatures)
  • Rooted for the home team at my first MLB game
  • Played my first round of golf (with the Iron Maidens)
  • Toured the "Christmas Story" House

  • Attended my first Broadway musical
  • Took a selfie with the world's largest outdoor chandelier
  • Made my first trip to Washington, D.C.

  • Got a tattoo
  • Danced at several weddings
  • Fed chickadees by hand
  • Fed dozens of species of birds in my own back yard

  • Dipped my toes in Lake Erie

  • Stood inside a life-size soap bubble

  • Ate from a food truck for the first time
  • Got chased by a turkey
  • Fell in love with the outdoors

The list is long and there are countless little things that fill in all the gaps. Over the next seven days, I hope to add to it with the friends I've made. They are what I will miss the most about living in one of the most misunderstood cities in the country!

I encourage everyone to make a list of your own and keep adding to it!

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