Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Terminated: Day 2 (ponderings and useful info from the freshly fired)

"Are there any opportunities available in your company?" I asked.

"The last time we talked, I mentioned that one position, but you thought the pay was a little low," he replied.

"Well let's talk about that again, because once one becomes unemployed..."

Yes. Once one becomes unemployed plenty of options start to look more appealing. You start to reconsider whatever it was that held you back from an opportunity, be it money or location. There is a certain clarity that comes with the need to feed oneself and keep the lights on.

Then again, there is a good chance that being fired is the most soul-sucking thing to have happen to you.

For me, this unexpected chapter in life began with an application. Not for a job, but for unemployment benefits. I don't remember what my preconceived notions were about government assistance before 2 p.m. Monday, but I certainly know how I feel about it at 11:30 p.m. Tuesday.

I also don't know what I expected when I logged on to fill out the questionnaire, but it was surprisingly simple and I got a speedy response. Thank you, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

When the future feels uncertain, I go into a sort of financial survival mode. I start thinking about bus passes, ramen noodles and eBay.  I think, "Of course I can survive on indigestible dinners, and the RTA stop is a short walk through the snow. Also, I really don't need 90 percent of what I own!" (which is mostly true). The thermostat drops and SiriusXM gets cancelled.

I will snap out of it soon enough, once I figure out how far my money will go. But for now, the purse strings are closed for business.

From finances to future employers, I was met with a barrage of messages on Day 2 from friends and coworkers near and far, all concerned and all ready to help. I owe so many a great deal of thanks for the love and support.

There were phone calls bearing sentiments of friendship, private messages of commiseration and dismay, even a few public expletives for mutual former employers. My name has been shopped around to dozens of news directors in the past 24 hours.

Something will come up. I believe it and I trust my family of fellow journalists and friends.


Sign up for unemployment benefits ASAP! In Ohio, it takes a few days for this stuff to kick in so the sooner the better. CLICK HERE to find out how much you could get and learn the rules where you live.

Stay insured! The U.S. Department of Labor wants to help you with that.

My biggest fear is being broke. HERE is how you can create a budget with no income.

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