Thursday, January 14, 2016

Cathartic Day 4

Chicken and biscuits, bread, butter, diet coke, a toy train and a fish stick.

I had the best lunch with a friend and his son.

We had a nice long chat about the nature of the news business, being fired, and appointment television. And I allowed myself to be petty for a sentence or two. Oh, how good it felt! No judgment.

Day 4 has also been the day of returns. Pre-Monday purchases that still had their tags found their way back to the rack, and hopefully to good homes. The money found its way back to my Discover card. All small victories on the ledger of my life right now.

Lucy, my job hunting copilot
I'm trying to maintain an actual schedule, so I don't sit around eating bonbons I can't afford nursing my wounded ego. This is not Netflix and chill time. During my afternoon of Facebook checking and loose end tying, I came across something that is an amazingly accurate summary of how my professional self feels. Ever heard of Imposter Syndrome? Thanks to BuzzFeed, I'm so there in my head!
When you start to see some success:
Kristin Chirico/BuzzFeed
I'm pretty stunned by the amount of truth taking place in this one rudimentary, cartoonish diagram. It speaks to my damaged pride.

In the past when coworkers have struggled with shaky confidence, I have encouraged them to look for the victories. There's always a win somewhere, even in the most garbage dumpy situations.

Now, I just need to practice what I preach so that when the day comes, and I believe that it will, I won't struggle with another symptom of Imposter Syndrome:

Or when you finally land your dream job:
Kristin Chirico/BuzzFeed

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