Thursday, October 15, 2015

Couldn't be Happier

How do you start your vacations? After a long day, a long (short) week, and a long time since my last time off, I was ready to do nothing more than come home and hit the couch.

A trip out of town turned a little too cost prohibitive, so it's Netflix and chill instead.

I thought tonight was going to be completely lame and I welcomed the label, but much to my delight, the mail man left me something special!

A week ago, I was having yet another "rough day at the office" when I opened an email from one of my favorite blogs,  In it, Happier CEO Nataly announced the arrival of the "Happier Connections" box.  It seems the site was teaming up with American Greetings (based right here in northeast Ohio, thank you!) to deliver good mojo in the mail.  Looking for any ray of sunshine, I ordered mine right away.

Just in time to start my stay-cation, the box has arrived!  The bright orange color is a huge win in my book, tied delicately with a turquoise ribbon.

I opened the box to find a welcome letter from Nataly explaining all the treats inside, which includes a "pass it along" deck of notes and a small stash of cards and envelopes.  Oh Nataly! How could you have known that stationary is my porn?

There's also a journal for jotting down happy moments and memories, and snazzy pencils to do just that.

And I think this will look awesome hanging on my desk at work, reminding me to "celebrate what's good."

But wait!

What is it, you ask? Meet Petunia!  I haven't quite figured out what Petunia's future holds, but she's pretty great anyway!

And here's what Nataly doesn't know about the box of joy: while everything in it rocks, Lucy is blissed out over all the confetti! She doesn't know what to do with herself!

So friends, be on the lookout for little love notes from me! They'll pop up when you least expect them!

I couldn't be happier!

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