Thursday, September 10, 2015

Do you TBT with purpose?

Once a week I consider posting a photo on Facebook for Throwback Thursday. It always seems so self-serving, though. Like, who among my FB friends is truly interested in the photographic evidence of my Strawberry Shortcake Halloween costume when I was six(ish)? Incidentally, that costume was one of my favorites from childhood for several reasons. First and foremost, I got to wear red jeans. I lived in jeans then. I live in jeans now. I buy dresses and they look really pretty hanging in my closet over the kitten heel shoes that I also purchased for no apparent reason other than to gather dust.

As it turns out, that particular picture got liked more than most of my other photos. A lot more. I guess if a little validation/ego boost was what I was going for, mission accomplished. That's cool.

When I participate in the art/phenomenon/ritual of #tbt, I try to pick a photo from my past that's relevant in some way, one that serves as a tribute or homage to a person, place or event.

Easter's coming up? Better dig up that picture of my brother and me staring at the camera like a pair of bad eggs with nothing but disgust at the situation. Always a classic.

So to that end, it's Thursday, I'm back on the blogging, and I'm doing it with much inspiration from my friend Jess who is a rock star on her own kicken' blog! She's super strong, smart and sophisticated. I'm the one on the right.

This is a picture from the runners' expo the day before the 2015 Cleveland Half Marathon. Jessica had worked so hard to get there, and we were enjoying some free swag. The calm before the run. You can read about how it all turned out here.

Do you TBT with purpose? And coming soon... my compulsion to take too many pictures of my cat!

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