Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I did a lot today...

I did a lot today.  I woke up long before the sun.  I showered and went to work.  I wrote some stories, answered some emails, attended a long meeting.  I welcomed a new coworker, laughed with friends and made decisions.  I ate two meals at my desk, returned some phone calls and set an appointment.  I understood my role in upcoming corporate happenings, expressed concern over future events and learned about a weekend requirement.

After work, I visited a friend, gave him a CD for the road and hugged him goodbye.  I zipped into the drive-thru, braved afternoon traffic and made it home.  I snapped a photo of two deer outside my apartment, posted it to Facebook and waited for people to "like" it.

I chopped some veggies, boiled some pasta and packed it all up for lunch tomorrow.  I cleaned the dishes, texted a friend and watched Rachael Ray make a delicious meal in 30 minutes.

I sat down at my desk, opened the laptop and started typing.  I sighed heavily, thought about the past and what, if any, power my words might have.

I've done a lot since 2am.

The one thing I didn't do today was forget.

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